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Step 1 : Welcome Screen

Step 2 : Mix & Match

Step 3 : Select Pages to Create
Step 4 : Add Meta Tags

Step 5 : Add Simple HTML codes

Step 6 : Customise Own Template

Step 7 : Add Mailing List

Step 8 : See Sample Sites

Step 9 : Publish website live!

Step 10 : Add Video

Step 11 : Add Paypal Button

Step 12 : Insert Blog Feed

Step 13 : Setup

Step 14 : Add Google Adsense


Step 2 : Mix & Match - Upload photos here!

Click on "Upload Photo" here

Click on the "Upload Photo" to upload your images into the Photo Manager. (see screen-shot above)

Or you can also click on the Photo Manager located on the left navigational bar. (See screen-shot on the left)

You would arrive at the Photo Gallery Manager where you can manage your images/ photos (see screen-shot below):

To upload images, go to the Upload Section and click on "Browse" to select the image you wish to use (the image must already be inside your computer/floopy disk/thumbdrive/etc). Click on "Upload" once you selected the image. It will take a while to load, after which, a message will appear to inform you "Upload Successful!".

You can check to see if your uploaded image is in Your Gallery. Simply click the name of the image to select the image in Your Gallery, then click the Preview button just below Your Gallery. That image would appear in the "Preview" window which is on the right hand side of Your Gallery. (To delete an image, do the same except click on the "Delete" button instead.)

Please note:-
- Maximum image size allowed = 100K
- Type of files allowed are: .gif & .jpg
- Ensure that there are no spaces in your image file name.
e.g. Image_1.jpg (this the correct way to name your image file)
e.g. Image 1.jpg (this is the WRONG way to name your image file as you can see that there is a space between the word "Image" and "1")

Click on "Exit" after you're done with uploading the images.