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Step 1 : Welcome Screen

Step 2 : Mix & Match

Step 3 : Select Pages to Create
Step 4 : Add Meta Tags

Step 5 : Add Simple HTML codes

Step 6 : Customise Own Template

Step 7 : Add Mailing List

Step 8 : See Sample Sites

Step 9 : Publish website live!

Step 10 : Add Video

Step 11 : Add Paypal Button

Step 12 : Insert Blog Feed

Step 13 : Setup

Step 14 : Add Google Adsense


Step 3 : Create Referral Page

Click on "Referral Page" to create the page. (see screen-shot above)

To start, do the select / edit page name and style first then continue to create / edit page contents.

Here, you name your page, select the page style and decide the page headline. After completion, click on "Ok" to save.

While at the Create Page Contents (after you have clicked the "Click Here" button to "Create Page Contents"), you create your page headline and brief introduction about your website. Click on "Ok" after completion and return to the previous page, click "Preview" to see how this page looks like.

This is the page that allow visitor to tell their friends about your website.

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Sample Preview: