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Step 1 : Welcome Screen

Step 2 : Mix & Match

Step 3 : Select Pages to Create
Step 4 : Add Meta Tags

Step 5 : Add Simple HTML codes

Step 6 : Customise Own Template

Step 7 : Add Mailing List

Step 8 : See Sample Sites

Step 9 : Publish website live!

Step 10 : Add Video

Step 11 : Add Paypal Button

Step 12 : Insert Blog Feed

Step 13 : Setup

Step 14 : Add Google Adsense


Step 7 : How to add mailing list

1. Click the link "Mailing System" on the left navigational bar. (See screen-shot below)

“Mailing System” is on the left navigational bar

2. You will see this screen. (See screen-shot below)
manage mailing list system
- In the title box, type what you want to appear as the title of your mailing list e.g. Free Newsletter
- Check the "Brief Description" box if you want to add a brief description in your mailing list. e.g. Join our mailing list today! We will update you on our new arrivals!
- Check any of the items (e.g. name, email, phone, address, country, gender, handphone no.) you want the user to enter in the mailing list.
- In the "submit button text" box, type what you want to appear on the submit button. e.g. "Click me now!" Or "Submit Now!"

3. Click the "Generate Code" button.

4. You will see this screen: (See screen-shot below)

mailing list code is generated for you 5. Copy the code and paste it to the page you want to display the mailing list subscription box (e.g. To paste it on the Home page, go to "Edit Page Contents" and paste the code in the "brief description of your business" box)

6. Here's an example how your Home page will look like when previewed in your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) (The screen shot below is taken from which uses the web creator template.)

Screen shot of

7. You're done!