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Step 1 : Welcome Screen

Step 2 : Mix & Match

Step 3 : Select Pages to Create
Step 4 : Add Meta Tags

Step 5 : Add Simple HTML codes

Step 6 : Customise Own Template

Step 7 : Add Mailing List

Step 8 : See Sample Sites

Step 9 : Publish website live!

Step 10 : Add Video

Step 11 : Add Paypal Button

Step 12 : Insert Blog Feed

Step 13 : Setup

Step 14 : Add Google Adsense


Step 14 : Add Google Adsense - Product / Services Page

To add Google Adsense into your Product / Services Page, from the mainpage of the site builder, Click on "Product / Services" as shown below.


Then Click on "Click Here" to Edit / Delete An Item.


Choose which page you want to add in the Google Adsense. (In this example, we choose Page 4 by a click to check on the radio button) Then Click on "Continue". (see screenshot below)


Choose which product page you want to add in a Google Adsense. Checked on the "Edit" radio button and Click on "Edit / Delete" to proceed. (see screenshot below)




Finally, right click your mouse to PASTE the code into the box under the "Product / Service Description". (see screenshot below)